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Site Modification and Achievements
a)        Debris Filter Bypass line in Stage.II  :

The above modification is carried out to avoid STG frequent shutdown due to debris filter chocking.  The shutdown due to debris filter chocking results a generation loss of about 5.0 MU per year and revenue loss of about Rs. 250 lakhs per year.  The total job was carried out in-house with a cost of Rs. 30 lakhs.

b)      Defoggers installation :

The installation of  De-fogger elements in air intake filter house is taken up to avoid de-loading of units on foggy days.  Due to this De-foggers installation the forced outages due to heavy fogs were avoided.

c)       Installation of SOX / NOX and Water Flow Meters  :

Due to non compliance of the online monitoring facility to monitor the NOx levels in the stacks APPCB charging for industrial cooling/ boiler feed 10 Paise per KL instead of 5 Paise per KL, for domestic 3paise per KL instead of 2 paise per KL and for processing where by water gets polluted (Effluents) 30 paise per KL instead of 15 paise. In view of that we have installed On line continuous monitoring of the NOx/Sox monitoring system in the month of February 2013.

d)        Replacement of Street lights with LED Lights  :
To reduce the Auxiliary Power Consumption plant lighting was replaced with LED lighting. With this modification there was a saving of around Rs. 54 lakhs per year.

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