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Board Of Directors
Sri Ajay Jain, IAS - Chairman
Sri.K. Vijayanand, IAS - Director
Sri.P.Narendranath Chowdary - Director
Dr.Ramachandra N.Galla - Director
Sri.T.G.Bharath - Director
Sri.R.P.Agarwal - Director
Dr.V.N.Rao - Director
Sri.CA.D.Venkateswara Reddy - Managing Director
Sri. ANIL Kumar Kutty, IAS (Retd) - Independent Director
Dr. Usha Ramachandra - Independent Director
Sri D. Muruganandam - Director
Sri.C.Srinivasa Rao - Director
Mallapragada Venkata R L S Rao - Company Secretary
Sri Ajay Jain, IAS - Chairman
Name                          : Sri AJAY JAIN

Date of Birth                : 30/07/1966

Service                       : IAS

Year of allotment&Cadre :1991 Batch of A.P Cadre

Eductional Qualification  : BE(Electrical Engineer) from IIT Kanpur.

Assignments in the career:

        -> SDO(Land Revenue Mgmt & District Admn) 07/93-01/95.

        -> Project Director(Planning & Prog Implementation Planning)

        ->Jt Collector (Land Revenue Mgmt & District Admn) of Kurnool

        -> District Collector & DM of Ranga reddy 07/00-06/03.

        -> District Collector & DM of Kurnool 07/03-06/04.

        -> Managing Director for APGENCO from 07/04 to 06/09.

        -> Chairman & MD for APTRANSCO from 07/09 to 06/12.

        -> Commissioner for APTechnical Education from 07/12.

        -> Chairman for APGENCO.

Last Training:

        -> 3 weeks training on junior level 1988-91 batches in HCM Rajasthan                  State Institute of public administration, Jaipur during 1997-98.

        -> 1 week training on E-Governance & Management of IT in Indian                      Institute of Management, Bangalore during 2003-04.

        -> 5 weeks training on phase iv Programme of Mandatory Mid Career                    training for IAS Officers- 1991 Batch during 2007-08.

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Sri.K. Vijayanand, IAS - Director
Name                        : Sri K.VIJAYANAND

Service                      : IAS

Year of allotment&cadre: 1992 Batch of A.P Cadre

Educational Qualification: B.Tech(Mechanical) from JNTU, Anantapur.
                                 M.Tech(Mechanical) in Refrigeration & Air conditioning                                  (with specialization in Solar Refrigeration) from JNTU.

Assignments in the career

        1992-94:Assistant Collector(U/T),Adilabad District.

        1994-96:Sub-Collector,Utnoor(Adilabad district)
                    Sub-Collector,Rampachodavaram(EG district)
                    Project Officer ITDA,Rampachodavaram(EG district)
                    Sub-Collector,Nandyal(Kurnool district)

        1996-98:Project Director (DRDA),Nellore district.

        1998-02:Joint Collector, Ranga reddy district.

        2002-04:Collector & District Magistrate,Srikakulam district.

        2004-07:Collector & District Magistrate,Nalgonda district.

        2007-08:State Project Director for Bhubarati Project, Hyderabad.

        2008-09:Joint Managing Director(HRD,Comml.IPC&IT),APTRANSCO.

        7/09-    : Managing Director, APGENCO.

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Sri.P.Narendranath Chowdary - Director
  Sri.P.Narendranath chowdary has been the Director of APGPCL Company since 2011.He Hold B.Sc.(Hons.)Degree. He has Over 38 Years of rich experience in industry,Trade and Finance as Director of many public limited companies. At present he is holding the  Directorship in following companies.

Directors Post Present Holding:

1.M/s.The Andhra Sugars Limited, Tanuku                                      ManagingDirector                                                     

2.M/s. Sree Akkamamba Textiles Limited, Tanuku                            Chairman

3.M/s. Jocil Limited, Guntur                                                            Chairman                                                                             

4.M/s. The Andhra Farm Chemicals Corporation limited, Kovvur          Director  

5.M/s. Hindustan Allied Chemicals Limited, Tanuku                           Director    

6.M/s. The Andhra Petrochemicals limited, vizag                               Director

7.M/s. Andhra pradesh Gas power Corporation Limited, Hyderabad     Director

8.M/s. Sri Satyanarayana Spinning Mills Limited, Tanuku                  Chairman


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Dr.Ramachandra N.Galla - Director

Dr.Ramachandra N Galla is the Chairman of the Rs.3180 Crore  Amara Raja Group of companies and has built this group from grass roots levels over the last 25 years. He is an electrical engineer by profession and has acquired Masters degree in System Sciences at Michigan State University USA in 1968. He has worked briefly for US Steel Corporation,Pitts burg, Pennsylvania, USA and later joined Sargent & Lundy in 1971. He has worked in various capacities until 1985 before he turned a full time entrepreneur and founder of the Amara Raja group of companies.

Born in a modest farmer family in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh, Dr.Galla has experimented in a brave approach of establishing advanced manufacturing facilities in rural villages thus creating non-migratory job opportunities for local youth while improving the rural infrastructure.

 He has promoted and established the many business ventures spanning across automotive components, industrial batteries,power electronics, engineering precision products, food and infrastructure. The group has established state of the art manufacturing infrastructure in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh and has employed more than 7000 people directly with many more indirect employment opportunities being created in rural society. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is the flag ship company of the group with a gross turn over of Rs 2600 Crores.

 Dr. Galla’s mission statement has always been to transform our spheres of influence and to improve the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities, goods and services to people all the time. True to his mission statement and his interest in social uplift of people, Dr.Gallahas initiated various CSR activities in the area of education, water conservation and  irrigation schemes, social a forestry  etc.

 He has been conferred Honorary Doctorate by Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati in 2007  and later by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad in 2008 and has also received many awards for his entrepreneurial efforts and contribution to social cause.



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Sri.T.G.Bharath - Director

A new age visionary with a post graduate degree in Business Administration from Cardiff University, UK, T G Bharath carries forward the TGV discipline with a deep sense of values.

As the Chairman and Managing Director of Sree Rayalaseema Hi-strength Hypo Ltd.  TGV Projects and Investments Pvt. Ltd.,  and Brilliant Securities Ltd., he has garnered respect from the highest echelons in a short ten years.

A plethora of expansions, strategic alliances and turnover maximization initiatives have been steered under his direction. He is open to new technologies and shares his father Mr.T.G.Venkatesh’s eye for innovation and value-addition.

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Sri.R.P.Agarwal - Director
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Dr.V.N.Rao - Director

Dr.V.N.Rao               :    Chief Executive & Chief OperatingOfficer.

                                     TheAndhra Petro Chemicals Ltd. 


Age                         :     71 Years

Education               :     B,Tech.,Chem.Engg.,AndhraUniversity 



Experience             :    17Years in the Andhra Petro Chemicals Ltd.


Total experience of 47 years, Post Ph.D., in the fields of Fertilizers, Chemicals,Petrochemicals, Cement, Refractories etc., covering the areas of Production,Maintenance, Mining, Technical Services, Engineering, Research and Development,Projects, Materials, Finance, Personnel, Safety, Consultancy,General Management etc.,

Senior Positions Held Include: General Manager, Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd (BothFertilizers andCement Units); Research Manager – Tata Chemicals Ltd; StaffChemicalEngineer  Zuari Agro ChemicalsLtd; apart from Consultancy.

Skill Areas:

-> Mastered Technology in connected areas.

-> Achieved process improvements and optimization among diverse technologies, operation & maintenance systems for high on-stream performance and results.

 -> Strategic planning of Bussiness, Financial management, Fund raising, organisation and Human resource management.

-> Reformed Organisation culture for best results.

-> Developed new grades of complex fertilisers.

-> Achieved best safety records through employee participation.


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Sri.CA.D.Venkateswara Reddy - Managing Director

CA. D. Venkateswara Reddy - Managing Director


 CA. D.Venkateswara Reddy, the Managing Director of Andhra Pradesh Gas Power Corporation Limited(APGPCL) has played a pivotal role in the growth of the company since it went  commercial in 1991 and has been a key differentiator in its success.  

APGPCL was established in 1988 under the novel concept of Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the erstwhile APSEB and major Central Government undertakings. Mr Reddy was actively involved in the establishment of 100 MW Stage-I and 172 MW Stage-II Projects and ensured the completion of the both projects successfully. Appointed as Managing Director of APGPCL in April 2012, he is overseeing all activities of the company including Legal,Commercial, Secretarial, Income tax, Finance. Additionally, he is also driving the capacity expansion of the company by undertaking projects, either in coal or gas, to add to the current 272 MW capacity.

Especially, Mr Reddy did a commendable job while dealing with the huge magnitude of legal cases of the company. So far, all cases which went before the Supreme Court were fought successfully, resulting in great relief for the company. He is earnestly pursuing the pending cases to bring them to successful closure in favour of the company.

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Sri. ANIL Kumar Kutty, IAS (Retd) - Independent Director

(à)Sri. Anil KumarKutty serves as the Managing Director of KSK Energy Resources Private Limited.

(à)Sri. Anil Kumar Kuttyhandled many key assignments in the Power Sector during his tenure in theGovernment of Andhra Pradesh and the Government of India. In the capacity ofMember Secretary, APSEB, from 1996 to 1999, along with his duties as head ofcommercial and administration departments, he was also in charge of the PowerSector reforms in Andhra Pradesh whichbecame the role model for the entire country.

(à)He also worked as aJoint Secretary, Ministry of Power, Government of India from 2002 to 2007wherein he has handled policy and other issues relating to Hydro power,Transmission and IPPs.

(à)Sri. Anil Kumar Kuttyhas approximately 31 years of experience in various fields including banking,the Indian Administrative Service and in the power sector.

(à)He served as theChairman and Managing Director for 2 years of APTRANSCO and Chairman of thesuccessor distribution companies which came into existence after unbundling ofAPSEB.

(à)He has been aNon-Executive Director of KSK Energy Ventures Limited since May 3, 2008.

(à)Sri. Anil Kumar Kuttyis an Officer of the 1978 batch of the IAS. He has a Masters Degree in Physicsfrom Delhi University.


In addition to the above, under his stewardshipas Director In charge during 1995 to 1997 APGPCL was established 172 MWs atcost of Rs.2.42 crores per MW that to within 18 months which was consideredfastest power plant in India, and also probably in the Asia. Inview of his vast experience in the power sector in general and in Coal BasedPower Projects in particular, it is proposed to appoint him for this position.

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Dr. Usha Ramachandra - Independent Director

(à) Dr.Usha Ramachandra, M.A.,M.Phil, and Ph.D. Economics, University of Hyderabad, joined the faculty of theAdministrative Staff College of India in 1998. She is currently the Dean ofTraining Programmes and Chairperson, Energy Area.

(à) Dr.Usha Ramachandra has beeninvolved in several of ASCI’s training programs and consulting assignments inthe power sector dealing with regulation and restructuring issues.

(à) She has worked in the SouthAsia region particularly in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan as aresource person on energy and power sector reform issues.

(à) She has worked on consultingassignments with power utilities, state and central regulatory commissions andgovernments in a variety of areas including tariff filing, tariff analysis,demand and supply estimates, regulations and policy related issues.

(à) She has conducted speciallydesigned programs for the NTPC, THDC, NTPC, PXIL, DVC, IEX etc. Apart frombeing actively involved in ASCI’s management development programs, she hasseveral conference and workshop presentations to her credit.

(à) Her areas of interest areRestructuring and Regulation of Infrastructure particularly in the Energy Area,Power Sector Reforms and Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure.

(à) Dr Usha Ramachandra iscurrently an Independent Director on the Board of Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited(MIDHANI), a Government of India enterprise and the Andhra Pradesh Gas PowerCorporation (APGPCL), a Group Captive Power Plant.


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Sri D. Muruganandam - Director

(à) Sri. D.Muruganandam is a M. TECH (CHEMICAL ENGINEERING) and is presently working asJoint President (Manufacturing), India Cements Ltd, Chennai.  He has 28 years experience in the cement Industryin various capacities handling green site projects, operation and maintenanceof plants, up-gradation of plant capacities etc.

(à) PresentlyIn-charge of 8 cement plants,  2 grindingunits, 1 sugar plant, 8 8 ready mix concrete plants, 1 Gas based power plant, 3thermal power plants. Handling of technical matters pertaining to cement plantsand other connected matters.

(à) He is aMember of CMA TECHNICAL COMMITTEE. He is also a Member of Board of Governorsfor National Council for Cement & Building Materials, New Delhi. Aninstitution involved in R&D activities connected with cement and alliedproducts.


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Sri.C.Srinivasa Rao - Director
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Mallapragada Venkata R L S Rao - Company Secretary
Sri Rao has joined in this organisation on 27.11.2007 as Company Secretary. He is a member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India and also a member of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India. 

He is also a Law Graduate. He has experience in corporate affairs for the last 22 years.
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