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In1990 when there was an acute shortage of power in the state of AP, then Electricity Board invited the Private companies to start gas power project under public and private partnership mode.


1.    Commissioned 100 MW power plant in 1990:


This is first kind of pioneer gas based power plant in Southern India. Andhra Pradesh Gas Power Corporation Limited (APGPCL)had commissioned 100 MW power plant in the year 1990 under the concept of Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode and the total cost of the project was Rs.143crores that comes to Rs. 1.43 crores per MW which was considered as lowest among power plants established during that period.


2.  Commissioned 172 MW power plant in 1997 in a record time of 18 months:

With the success of 100 MW Plant,APGPCL had established another  172 MW power plant in the year 1997 by incurring lowest expenditure at that time of running the power plant, which was to the tune of Rs.414 crores which comes to Rs. 2.41 crores per MW under the same concept of Public Private Partnership(PPP) mode and commissioned in the year1997 in record time of 18 months probably fastest power plant in India.

3.    Shareholding pattern of APGPCL

�  Andhra Pradesh Transmission Corporation

               (APTRANSCO/APDISCOMS) and Public Sector Industries             42%

               as Midhani, ECIL, BDL, BHEL etc.


           Private Sector Industries such as Andhra Sugars,

                 Hindustan Zinc, India Cements,Penna Cement,

                 My Home Cement (After Wheeled Units).                                      46%

                 These Industries are contributing revenue to the State



�  Wheeled Portion Units                                                               12%


4.    Operating on No Profit or No Loss Basis with intention of industrial development in AP by extending cheaper power to the industries:

APGPCL had operated these Power Plants so far and still has been operating these Power Plants ON NO PROFIT AND NO LOSS BASIS. The main object of the company is assured and cheaper power supply to its share holders including A.P.Transco, (Rs.1.50 per unit that rate extended to the shareholders over the period of 22 years which is always less than APDISCOMS tariff rate, since inception).

5. Serving to the industries public and private including APTRANSCO/APDISCOMS by giving cheaper power of more than 50% APGPACL generated power to AP DISCOMS (including wheeling units  in Kind also)

Since inception, APGPCL has been serving to the industries public and private including APTRANSCO/APDISCOMS by giving cheaper power that to more than 50% of APGPCL generated power to APDISCOMS(including wheeling units that are being paid in kind)

6.    Substantial savings in generation and expenditure by implementing the following cost cut methods.

 (a).  D-Fogger Elements Fixation to the Air Inlet Filter House in stage ll, 172 MW.

APGPCL saved from the frequent unit trippings of Generation by establishing D- fogger elements. As a result, units had run continuously without any interruption for the period of December, 2012 to February, 2013 there by shareholders got more units when the power is in severe shortage in the state.

(b). Establishment of online Continuous monitoring of the Sox/ Nox Levels in Stacks and saving in crores per year:

The Establishment of Sox and Nox Levels in stacks and monitoring it online, there was a savings in crores towards payment of water cess every year.

       (c). Replacement of LED lighting fixtures:

Due to installation of LED lights in common area at plant, there was not only savings in the power consumption but also improvement of the lighting in the area which spread out at 3 times more than earlier lighting ie., between the two lights, the lighting is being covered about 30 meters. APGPCL had saved huge amounts by replacement of LED lighting fixtures.


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